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Date and Time

 Only available in the Integrator user interface.

By default, the system is configured so that the date and time are transferred from a time server on the internet. The page allows you to change the time servers, to set your time zone, and to make arrangements in case the internet time servers are not available.

Time server

There are some common time servers preset in the field.

  • Enter your preferred time server in the text field. Multiple time servers can be entered separated by commas. Value: max. 255 characters

Time Zone

  • Select the time zone for your location from the option menu.

System time

Shows the time currently set for the phone system. It is updated every minute.

Fallback option

In case the internet time servers are not available you can set the time manually.

  • Enter the time in the System time text field. Once you have started editing the automatic time update stops.

Act as Local Time Server

In case the fallback option is used, the setting Act as Local Time server must be set to Yes.

If Act as Local time Server is enabled, the device will not try to query the Configured (External) Time servers.

Date and time are synchronised system-wide on all base stations and handsets. it can take up to one hour until the manually changed time is visible on every handset.

Synchronisation is carried out in the following cases:

  • If the date or time has been changed on the DECT manager.
  • If a handset is registered to the telephone system.
  • If a handset is switched off and switched back on again, or is outside the wireless range of the telephone system for more than 45 seconds and then comes back into range.
  • Automatically every night at 4.00 am.

You can change the date and time on the handset. This setting only applies for that handset and will be overwritten when the next synchronisation takes place.

The date and time are displayed in the format set for that handset.

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