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Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator

Valid for N670 / N870 / N870E, but not supported by N610. Software 2.29.1 or higher is needed.

From software 2.29.1 we have introduced 3 new statistics that shows information about the customer network LAN Synchronization quality.

q-idx-ltLAN synchronization quality

Consists of classified values that are weighted and summarized to one resulting index value.
This value offers a fast indication whether synchronization quality is sufficient or not.

Q-idx-lt > 90% means LAN sync is functional.
Remaining 10% evaluate synchronization quality
Q-idx-lt higher than 93% are good values.

o-thr-excPTP offset threshold exceeded

If the PTP deviation > 500 ns seconds, the counter is increased.

That the counter is increased means that the network does not meet the requirement that the PTP deviation is < 500 ns.

  1. Values > 500 ns are accepted and might just generate some warnings.
  2. Values > 500 ns for a longer time or very high over the 500 ns will result in an A-synchronization where all calls via this DECT base are disconnected.

DECT base that loses synchronization needs up to 30 seconds to synchronize again (When the LAN synchronization can be started again)

d-thr-excDLS offset threshold exceeded

If the DLS deviation > 1000 ns seconds, the counter is increased.

Based on the PTP synchronization LAN Master and LAN slave adjust their DECT reference timer to one Common offset to the common PTP reference timer. This common offset will be permanently monitored by a proprietary communication.


The column Async must also be used to check if the network is LAN synchronization capable. You can see in the picture that we have many PTP threshold exceeded (13379) but there is no Synchronization loss.

Theoretical it would not provide problems. But you can expect that if the PTP deviation is getting worse, it will result in synchronization loss.

You should fix the PTP deviation for this base station to avoid complaints later.

Gigaset can not guarantee seamless working system if the values exceed the by Gigaset provided requirements. Support can't be provided if the network is not LAN capable.

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