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Distinctive Ring offers the possibility to use different ringtones for Internal, external, group, door, emergency and optional calls.

This feature is implemented from software 2.26 or higher.

The Platform / provider has to send the correct information using the Alert-Info: Header.

Example: Alert-Info: <>;info=alert-group

The N670/N870 supports the following options:

NameAlert-Info Header contains

Internal Calls


External Calls

Group Callsinfo=alert-group

Door station






The names (except Internal calls) and header can be changed according to your wishes.

DECT handset settings

As DECT handsets have there own ringtones inside and DECT handsets settings can't be changed via auto-provisioning, the user needs to select via the DECT handset menu structure the ringtone.

On the DECT handset: Menu - Settings - Audio Settings - Ringtones (Handset) - Melodies

The feature must be enabled before you register the DECT handsets as the handset menu structure is send during DECT handset registration. 

Handsets that where registered to a system that uses software < 2.26.0 will show:

  • Internal
  • External

Handset that are new registered to a system that uses software => 2.26.0 will show:

  • Internal Calls
  • External Calls
  • Group Calls
  • Door station
  • Emergency
  • Optional

You can fix this: 

Via manual DECT handset re-registration:

  1. In the web-interface of the N870/N670 go to: Mobile devices - Registration Centre - Press Start now
  2. On the DECT handset Menu - Settings - Registration - Register Handset - OK and enter the PIN code when asked.
  3. The DECT handset will subscribe to the existing IPUI in the N870/N670 and will receive the new menu structure (ring tones settings)

Via automatic DECT handset re-registration:

See: FAQ Nx70 - DECT Handset Re-registration


0 = Disabled
1 = Enabled (Default)


The tone played when the Alert info header is not recognized. By default the External ringtone is played.

0 = Internal
1 = External (Default)
2 = Group
3 = Door
4 = Emergency
5 = Optional

SipRingtones.0.RingToneName0Internal Calls (This can not be changed)
SipRingtones.0.RingToneName1External Calls
SipRingtones.0.RingToneName2Group Calls
SipRingtones.0.RingToneName3Door station
SipRingtones.0.RingInfo5By default this is empty


<param name="SipRingtones.0.DefaultTone" value="0"/>
<param name="SipRingtones.0.RingToneName1" value="External"/>
<param name="SipRingtones.0.RingInfo1" value="external"/>

If you would like to disable this new feature you need to do this via auto provisioning.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<provisioning version="1.1" productID="e2">


	<param name="DmGlobal.0.SupportSipRingtones" value="0"/>

In the web-interface go to: SETTINGS - Provider or PBX profiles - Edit - Connection Ringtone

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