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With software 2.33 we have improved the role change via the hardware key on the Nx70, the following is improved:

  • You do not need to count the seconds anymore how long to press the hardware key to acknowledge the role change. This is done automatically.
  • Both LED's will turn RED to acknowledge the new role is accepted.
  • During shutdown and boot, both LED's will stay RED until normal start-up procedure.
Example how to switch from Base to All in one role

IMPORTANT: The procedure to change the role of the device via the hardware key is only possible when the device has fully booted!

ActionNew Old

Press hardware key for 10 seconds until both LED's are switched off.

Device is in role change mode.

Release hardware key and right LED is GREEN.

Role is DECT Base

Press hardware key and both LED's will be BLUE.

Role is All in one

Press hardware key for 5 seconds to confirm the new role.

With new software, after 4 seconds the role is automatic
acknowledged and LED's turn RED.

With old software, you do not see any LED indication that the
new role is acknowledged. The LED's will stay BLUE for some time.

Device will start booting, both LED's turn RED.

Normal boot process is followed.

For LED signalling see:

FAQ Nx70 - LED

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