With this feature, you can protect user sensitive data when used for example in Hotels.

  • Limited or restricted access to some handset features
  • Automatic remove sensitive date like call lists
  • Bluetooth menu is deactivated. However, the trusted devices list is not cleared
  • USB port
    • Data exchange is secured
    • Gigaset quick sync does not work
    • Emergency recovery still can be used
    • USB charging is possible
  • Configured PIN is unchanged. Access to the PIN is still limited by PIN code
  • All lists, calendar appointments, and settings remain unchanged, except for the soft-keys
  • Soft-keys can't be changed by the user
  • Functionality INT key is not changed
  • Access to in handset configured contacts

Automatic remove sensitive date

Handset has a preconfigured timer. After a specified time (1 hour) HS clears all sensitive data.

The timer is re-triggered after each user interaction or when call ends. During a call, data reset is disabled.
When timer expires HS automatically clears calls list and redial lists.

Clearing starts only when HS is in idle mode or screensaver. There is no visual nor acoustic feedback. Display illumination is not affected.

If the timer expires, when HS is not in idle mode or screensaver, data reset will be skipped and the timer will be re-triggered.

Activate Hotel modus

Open the DECT handset menu.

To activate Safe Mode hidden procedure is used:  *#7233663366# (*#safemodeon#)

Deactivate Hotel modus

Open the DECT handset menu.

To deactivate Safe Mode hidden procedure is used: *#72336633633# (*#safemodeoff#)

Handset reset

You can reset the handset via:

  • DECT handset menu
  • Reset code

Reset code

Open the DECT handset menu.


  • standard reset (see chapter: Handset default settings)
  • erase list (see: Automatic clear sensitive data)
  • restore language (stored before Safe Mode activation)
  • restore Screensaver (stored before Safe Mode activation

Voicemail enable / disable

If the Voicemail is configured, it is possible to enable/disable the Voicemail. By default voicemail is disabled.

Enable Voicemail
To activate Voicemail in Safe Mode hidden procedure is used: *#safemodeamon#.. Softkey OK leads to Idle.

Disable Voicemail
To deactivate Voicemail in Safe Mode hidden procedure is used: *#safemodeamoff#. Softkey OK leads to Idle.

Number configuration
To configure Voicemail number hidden procedure is used *#safemodeamnum#. This Hidden Procedure can be used even if Safe Mode is disabled.






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