The following reset options are available.

  • Via the menu: menu - settings - system - handset reset
    • Changes language settings back to default
    • Melodies back to default
    • Handset is still registered to the DECT system
  • Via the code: Enter menu: *#73738# ( *#reset# )
    • Changes language settings back to default. In case a user changed the language and you can't find the menu in the new language anymore
    • Handset is still registered to the DECT system
  • Factory reset: menu - settings - system - erase handset
    • All settings are set to the factory default settings
    • Handset DECT registration is also gone. New registration is needed

FeatureMenu - Handset resetVia codeMenu - erase handsetHotline resetAutomatic - Hotel modeVia service menu
Call Divert--2*-N.A.2*
Call waiting--2*-N.A.2*
One-Touch CallN.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.
Call Lists--2*-2*
Audio settings-
Alarm Clock-
Missed alarms

Screen saver-
Large font-
Colour Schemes-
Display Backlight
Alerting KeyNot functional in this software
Key illumination
Auto keypad lock
DECT Registration----
Auto-accept call---N.A.
Area codes--N.A.
Emergency numbers--N.A.
Handset PIN--N.A.
Soft keys

1* = Bluetooth is disabled but list with devices is not removed

2* = This is a feature coming from the Base station, a handset reset does not remove a Base station function.

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