Busy Lamp Field (BLF) will show the status of other users connected to your PBX or platform, the following status can be seen:

  • Free
  • Ringing
  • Busy

The following Gigaset Desktop devices are equipped with BLF keys.

DeviceNumber of BLF keys
DE700 IP PRO14
DE900 IP PRO14
ZY700 PRO Key module14
ZY900 PRO key module14


BLF keys combined with Headset

When using the BLF keys on your device, the device will in IDLE state automatic activate the handsfree mode when the key is pressed. If people are using a Headset, the device should be able to activate the headset instead of the handsfree mode. For this a new feature is implemented.

BLF keys in a Broadsoft environment.

The usage of BLF keys in a Broadsoft environment is different then in other environments. The device has to subscribe to a BLF list configured in Broadsoft, while in other environments the subscription is done per BLF key. See here for more info.

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