Release Date:

July 2021

Version: RELEASE


What is new?


  • Translation update
  • Improved Web-UI accessibility and stability
  • Added more flexible lookup options for LDAP directory


  • Adjustment of contact sequence


  • Maxwell doesn't send SUBSCRIBE packets to PBX

  • Park + Retrieve doesn't work on Asterisk

  • USB/BT Headset issue with door stations

  • Log rotation issue causes devices getting slow
  • Problems with missing Music on Hold due to sent RTP packets
  • Restoring configuration not possible
  • Emergency numbers are not restored
  • Account registration issue after changing transport protocol
  • Name replacement for XSI and XML directories

Unify OpenScapeBusiness

  • Call disconnected after accepting incoming call while being on hold
  • Incoming call answered via Unify MyPortalDesktop doesn't work
  • Group Call pickup do not work on the Mx3 / not added to call-list
  • Accepted call not added to the call list after pickup call via "group pickup feature"
  • Ending inactive call during consultation is not recognized by second DUT on OSBiz PBX
  • Music on hold on both devices after accepting incoming call while being on hold

Known Issues

  • ...


Standard version

Russian version

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