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The N870E is the same device like the N870 but has 2 external antennas instead of internal antennas.

The N870E preferred antenna position is vertical like above.

Antenna characteristics:

Antenna position:

  • The strongest DECT signal from a dipole antenna is at right angles to the dipole
  • This stronger DECT signal should run directly into the room to be covered
  • This stronger DECT signal should not be reflected indirectly into the target room via a neighboring metal surface
  • The movable, align able antennas make it possible to improve the DECT signal depending on the mounting orientation of the housing
  • However, the optimal alignment of the antennas can only be determined by a DECT measurement

Below an example why in normal situations the vertical antenna position is the preferred antenna position.

  • The strongest DECT signal covers the working area/ floor where the users are located/walking around
  • An antenna angle towards the ceiling creates less coverage on the area the users/DECT base stations are located, the strongest DECT signal is send to the other floors

  • It is an misunderstanding that an external antenna has more DECT range then an internal antenna
  • The possibility to change the antenna position can improve the DECT range
  • An wrong antenna position can also cause less DECT range and even call interruptions

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