With this excel sheet, you can easily create an DECT handset (R700H/S700H/SL800H) provisioning template. This tool is optimized for the R700H/S700H and SL800H behind an Nx70 system, as the menu's/features in the handset are dependent on the system where it is connected.

You need to enable the Macro's in excel as the creation of the provisioning files are done via Macro's.

  • Option "Full provisioning template"
    • Enabled: Generate a Full template with all parameters
    • Disabled: Generate a template with only the settings that are changed (delta)
  • Option "Include always" per parameter to make sure this parameter is added always, also when an delta provisioning file is generated
  • Option "Comments in provisioning file" to add comments to the provisioning template 
  • Via the button "Create Provisioning File" the provisioning file is visible:
    • Excel sheet "Provisioning_Template"
    • Stored on your PC or on a share if "File save to" is enabled
  • Via the button "Reset to default" change all settings back to default

  • Load and Save provisioning file
  • Add Emergency numbers
  • Add Phonebook
  • Change color if value is changed
  • Fixed bugs
1.0First version

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