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Provisioning ParameterValue
SipProvider.<id>.InstanceCoding 0 = Disabled

1 = Adds an 'epid' tag to the 'From'header

5.14.6 epid parameter
The client shall use the MAC address of the phone as the EPID as this uniquely
identifies the device and is persistent over a reboot of the phone.
The format for the epid will be an 8 character ASCI string encoded as follows
where "XX" is a two character string identifying the manufacturer of the device,
and "SC" is reserved for use by Siemens devices.
The client shall include the epid in the From: header of every request generated
by the phone (e.g. REGISTER, INVITE, SUBSCRIBE etc.) for non-keyset lines
and for keyset primary lines, i.e. epid shall not be included for calls from keyset
secondary lines.

Example: From: <sip:1014@>;tag=dd6d1a91-800f-4037-ac55-322665c29b7b;epid=9e74a599

2 = Add '+sip.instance' to 'Contact' header

(according to ) that uniquely identifies the device.

Software version 2.46.0 or higher is needed.

Example: Contact: <sip:1020@>;reg-id=1;+sip.instance="<urn:uuid:00000000-0000-1000-8000-589EC62904F3>"

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