Release Date:

  • July 2023

What is new?


  • LDAP Filter improvement
  • Default production certificate expired
  • N-Way conference is possible when Internal telephony is enabled
  • Internal telephony: Broadsoft XSI Authentication using SIP credentials from SIP account
  • DNS-SRV failover/fallback improvements
  • CNIPoverLookup improvement, do lookup if CNIP contains number only
  • If handset import has an error, it should be more descriptive
  • Polish language update


  • Sporadic calls are not delivered to the handset.
  • Inband DTMF over G722 doesn't work
  • Process terminated when dialed the code for call forwarding
  • No ringback tone in case of internal call originated from CTI

Known Issues

  • ..

Software (V2.54.0 build 4a766bb)

Fake software image for testing upgrade (V999.54.0)

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