Do Not Disturb (DND) is a helpful feature when you do not want to be interrupted during meetings or other events.

When this feature is enabled, the person who is calling you will hear the busy tone, dependent on the platform/PBX the call can also be forwarded to Voicemail, colleagues or other destinations.

How to activate DND

On the Maxwell 10 open the Programmable key application.

Click next to the user icon to open the DND screen.

Now the following screen will be visible where you can enable/disable the DND feature.

DND indication

If DND is enabled this will be visible:

In the programmable key application. 

Home screen

Block individual phone numbers and/or all anonymous calls

You will then be unavailable for these calls; your phone will not ring.

This can be enabled using the web configurator of your device.

Block individual phone numbers

Go to: Settings - Telephony - Do Not Disturb:

  • Select Yes to activate the Do Not Disturb function.
  • Enter the name and the Complete Phone number for the Caller

  • Click on Add to save the entry to the DND list,.

Block anonymous calls

  • Activate the Block anonymous caller option to block all anonymous calls.

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