For you to use the functions of the PBX, your phone must be registered on the PBX with the extension assigned to you by the administrator.

Login as user




Dial " * 0 Extension number " system will ask for pin code,

enter PIN code

Following successful registration, the extension number and your name (abbreviated if necessary) will appear in the phone's display.





You can obtain the extension number and PIN from the administrator. The PIN is the same as your password for logging on to the user interface.

By default the PIN = 12345

Logout as user




Dial " * 0 * "





Is the User already logged in on another device, he will be automatically logged of on that device.



This feature is not available on FXS ports.

If you register your extension on another phone, the first phone will automatically be de-registered.

Assign user via web-interface

New in 1.0.6

Administration - Provisioning - Phones, here you can assign the user to the Phone.


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