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Cisco SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter

This article will describe the configuration of the SPA112 behind the Gigaset T300/500 PBX system.

To guarantee a proper operation, please update the device first to the latest sw-version (V1.3.1, 05.02.2013).

The automatic (one-touch) setup is not supported with this device. If you want to use this mechanism, please use the Patton or Grandstream devices.






    • For each analog port you have to create a new phone with "Standard Sip" at the PBX, for example SPA112a and SPA112b.
  • Connect the Cisco SPA112 into the network, see instruction manual of the SPA112 how to do this.
  • You need access to the Webinterface! Default username and password is 'admin'.
  • Login and go to QUICK SETUP, insert the data from the previously created phones from the PBX.

  • The SPA112 will restart after clicking the "Submit" button. Now both ports will be registered at the PBX.
  • Both devices are now configured at the PBX, you can assign USER and PHONE NUMBER.

       Additional Information:

       External Link

       ATTENTION:  No further support for this device from Gigaset!!!


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