This article will describe the configuration of the HandyTone 502/503 behind the Gigaset T300/500 PBX system.

To guarantee a proper operation, please update the device first to the latest sw-version (V1.0.8.4, 05.02.2013).

The automatic (one-touch) setup is not supported with these devices. If you want to use this mechanism, please use the Patton or Grandstream HT702/704 devices.






To use a Grandstream VoIP ATA to connect a fax machine to the T300/T500 PBX you have to take the following steps:

  1. Connect the ATA Adapter to your network using the WAN port of the box and connect the powercable. To start the configuraration connect an analog phone to the phone1 connector of the box and dial ***The voice menu asks you to choose the wanted menu. Dial 12 and in the next step 9. This enables WAN side http access. Hang up the phone. Restart the box by switching the power. Then take the phone and dial ***. At the voice menu dial 02. The voice system will tell you the current IP address of the box.

  2. Open your webbrowser and type in the address, e. g. The default password of the box is admin.

  3. The basic and advanced settings can be kept by default.

  4. The FXS Port Menu has to be configured as shown


In our example the T500 PBX uses as IP address.

The SIP name configured in the PBX is GrandHT502, we use a random password.

We advice to check the codec settings at the bottom of the FXS port menu.

We strongly advice only to use the G711 alaw/ulaw codec for use with connected fax machines.

  Additional Information:

  External Link

  ATTENTION:  No further support for this device from Gigaset!!





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