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This module will enable you to show the Group name on the display of the device. Module is available in English and Dutch.




Add the module to the Gigaset T300_T500 and give the module a name.


When activated, Incoming Call: First display the Number or the Name when available and than the Group Name.



With the 5.2 release, the P-asserted identity is added in case the user has an N510 or N720 handset. When a user has a N510 or N720 handset assigned to him, the name will not be shown anymore. This because of the format of the P-asserted identity field. Solution is:

  • Switch the device type in the PBX from N510/N720 to Standard SIP
  • Upgrade to the Release



Download the module V.103
Tested with 5.2 and 5.3 

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