Firmware update T640/T440

There are 2 possibilities to upgrade your T640 / T440.

  1. New installation using USB stick
  2. Upgrade via web-interface

New installation using USB stick

Preparation of installation media

Copy the contents of the image to the desired installation media. If you are using a CD-ROM, burn the ISO image using your favourite ISO burning software. If you use a USB stick, copy the HDD image onto the USB stick using dd on Linux, Unix, MacOS X. On Windows, you may use a imaging software like Win32 Disk Imager.

Installation procedure

  1. Connect a Monitor, keyboard and mouse to the backside of the T640/T440.
  2. Use the USB ports on the back side of the T640/T440. In BIOS, enable USB boot and set boot priority to USBZIP first.
  3. Start your T640/T440 from the installation media. 
  4. From the boot menu, select "Graphics console install" or just wait for it to start automatically.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on the T640/T440

All content of the PBX will be erased during the installation procedure. When the installation has finished, remove the installation media and restart the system.

It is possible that the PBX restarts 3 times after the first boot.

Upgrade via web-interface

In the web-interface go to: Administration - System - update.

Select the upgrade file, the upgrade will take 10 minutes.


Software version 1.1.3

Software version 2.1.1

Software version 2.2.0

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