Outdoor housing for the Gigaset N720 DECT base station.

This is not a Gigaset product, you can buy this housing at your local distributor or contact your Local Gigaset Sales person to find the nearest address for buying this product. In Germany you can contact: - http://franz-video.de/

The IP66-rated outdoor housing for Gigaset is made of weather and UV proof plastic material. So this will not have an influence in the range of the built-in transmitter.
Inside there is also an electronic controlled heater/fan unit.
The standard unit can be mounted directly to a wall or ceiling; in addition they also offer a mounting bracket which can be used as pole and corner mount.



To avoid moisture in the housing, the new GoreTex valve is mounted .

The topside also can be locked up with a key (special option)

Housing: Part number: 9912/Giga

Pole/corner mount, Aluminium: Part number : 9918/Giga

Key-lock: Part number: 9919/Giga


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