Outgoing CallsYes
Incoming CallsYes
CLIP incomingYes
CLIP outgoingYes
Call ForwardingYes
Call TransferYes
Call WaitingYes
Anonymous CallYes
A-number forwardingYes




In the Gigaset PBX go to "Configuration" - "Lines" - "Lines" and click on: New Line

Give the Line an unique name, insert the Registration user name and Password.


In the Provider pull-down list, select "Toplink", the settings below will be used.


Just add the telephone numbers for this SIP trunk. The Country Code and Area Code can be filled in, if different than the default setting.


The provider-settings for Toplink Euroflat Ch2/4 are identical with the ones mentioned above.

In addition these two provider-profiles contain outbound-proxy settings to following IP-addresses: (Ch2) or (Ch4).


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