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Release Date:

September 2013.





  • Phone sends DHCP Release when rebooting (it is configured at static IP)     
  • Data server URL should have less than 256 chars
  • If connection is on hold, user can't make other outgoing calls via directory 
  • Short press NKU key during one call is on hold, LSK and RSK should be Back and Dial
  • DE310 loose static IP Address in special situations
  • Return to incorrect web page after restoring backup settings
  • Dial out with empty name/number when outgoing calls list doesn't have any records
  • If phone do not plug in network cable, screen always stop at the end of process bar but not enter to the idle screen
  • After unplug the network cable, screen doesn't show "No network connection" message
  • Problems with special characters in the LDAP-Access (aou)
  • [provisioning] wrong HTTP digest authentication when plain XML is used
  • Only Gigaset T300/T500 voice mailbox is available
  • Interop Timico MWI
  • No firmware update or downgrade possible if BLF key configured
  • It is not possible to dial out, by pressing hands free button or pickup receiver, from Outgoing Calls list
  • Reset while using scroll wheel in online directory
  • Phone numbers in Call list are scrolling in a loop
  • VM MWI problem | ihub ITSP 

Known Issues

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Open Source Software


Your Gigaset unit includes, among other things, Open Source software that is subject to various licence conditions. With regard to Open Source software, the granting of usage rights that go beyond the operation of the device in the form supplied by Gigaset Communications GmbH is governed by the relevant license conditions of the Open Source software. The corresponding licence conditions are printed at the end of this document in their original version.

Licence and copyright information

Your Gigaset unit includes Open Source software which is subject to the GNU General Public licence (GPL) or the GNU Library / Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL). The corresponding licence conditions are printed at the end of this document in their original version. The corresponding source code can be downloaded from the internet at The corresponding source code can also be requested from Gigaset Communications GmbH, for a charge no more than the cost of performing this distribution, within three years of purchasing the product. Please use the contact details provided at

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