This document provides a summary of how the Innovaphone IP 800 can interoperate with Gigaset pro IP DECT Cordless system N720 IP Pro.

This is a Gigaset pro “self-certification” document based on own testing with the IP800.

This guide has been tested with follwing firmware versions:

  • N720      Version 92
  • IP800     Version 11R2SR2

Step1:  Configure SIP User on the MyPBX system 

Login to the PBX by entering the IP address of the PBX into your Browser

Go to PBX –> Login Pop up appears  / Enter username and password

Default User = admin

Default Password = ip800

Add a new user

Go to PBX --> Objects / Select "User" press on the "new" button

Configure the user

PBX IP 800N720
Description: Gigaset N720 User--
Longname: Gigaset Pro S650H--
Name: GigasetUsername:Gigaset
Number: 202--
Hardware ID: GigasetAuthentication name:Gigaset
Password:1qay2wsxAuthentication password: 1qay2wsx

Please make sure that Name und Hardware Id is the same

Please press "OK"


Step 2: Configure the PBX directory 

IP 800 is using a LDAP server as Database for the internal user directory.


You don´t have to change the settings for using the diretory with a Gigaset DECT system.

The IP of the LDAP server is the same as the IP of the PBX.

PBX IP 800Gigaset

BaseDN --> Services/LDAP/Expert :

Default --> cn=PBX0

LDAP search base (BaseDN)

User Name --> Services/LDAP/Server :

Default --> ldap-guest

Common username

Password --> Services/LDAP/Server :

Default --> ip800

Common password

Database attributes


Step 3: Prepare the N720 to register new handsets and VoIP accounts. 

Careful planning of the DECT wireless network is the prerequisite for successful operation of the Gigaset N720 DECT IP Multicell System with good call quality and

adequate call options for all subscribers in all the buildings and areas belonging to the MyPBX. When deciding how many base stations are needed and where these

should be positioned, both the requirements for the capacity of the MyPBX and its wirelss coverage as well as many ambient conditions, must be taken into consideration.

The "Gigaset N720 DECT IP Multicell System- Site Planning and Measurement Guide"  will make it easier for you to plan your multicell DECT network.  

Login to the N720 WebUI by entering the IP of the N720 into a browser

default password : admin

Hint: A internet connection is necessary to change the language

Configure the network  

Settings/ Network Connections/ IP Configuration

Register new DECT basestation / transmitter to the system

Settings/ Network and Connections / Base Station Registration

To register a new basestation press the "Confirm" button

Enter a reasonable Name/ Location and set the IP settings.

Add a new VoIP Provider

Settings / VoIP Provider

To add a new provider press the "Edit" button of the first account.











Select a new VoIP provider

To select a new VoIP provider press the "Select VoIP provider" button

Start the wizard

Press the  "Next" button

Choose the Country


Germany is needed to get the right profile for Innovaphone.

Select the PBX Profile

It is important to select the InnovaphonePBX profile

End the wizard

Press the "Finish" button and accept the pop up with OK

Enter the VoIP PBX settings

DomainPBX IP example:
Proxy server addressPBX IP example:
Proxy server port5060
Registration serverPBX IP example:
Registration server port5060
Registration refresh time180
all othersdefault

Don´t forget to press "set" to save the settings


Change the advanced VoIP settings

Settings/ Telephony / Advanced VoIP Settings

Automatic negotiation of DTMF..No
Send settings of DTMF ...RFC2833
all othersdefault

Change the local settings

Settings/ Management / Local Settings

Tone schema


all othersdefault

Step 4: Now we will add the MyPBX directory(LDAP) to our DECT System

Configure the LDAP director

Settings/Online directories

Directory NameMyPBX directory
Enable directoryset checkmark
Server address

Innovaphone IP800


LDAP searche basecn=pbx0
Common usernameldap-guest
Common passwordip800
Name filter(cn=%)
Number filter(e164=%)
Display format%cn
First name 

Don´t forget to press the "set" button to save

Step 5: Register new handset / VoIP account

Register Hanset to DECT system

Settings / Mobilte Devices

Click on "Add"

To start the registration click on "Start registration "

Start the registration on your handset and enter the registration pin

Pop up appears if registration was successfull

Now you have to add the MyPBX extension settings

Authentification name:GigasetRegister Name : Gigaset
Authentification password: Bnnvsc517Password: 1qay2wsx
Username:GigasetExtension :Gigaset
Display Name: Up to you (smile)---

Click on Show advanced settings to start the last settings

Advanced settings ( Voicemail / MWI / directory access / autolookup)

Corporate directory for INT keyPBX directory via LDAP
Automatic look-upPBX directory via LDAP
Call number of SIP Name(URI)Voicemail number
Acticate network mailboxset radio button
Accept calls directly via call Manager

via headset or via handsfree

Important to use myPBX

IMPORTANT: click "set"


Step 6: Check the registration 




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