Release Date:

September 2013



Upgrade procedure

  1. For the version after V02.00.00, please use 020008.img for upgrade. It will keep the configuration data.
  2. For the version between V01.01.10 (included) and V01.01.14 (included), please use full_020008.img for upgrade. It will reset all the configuration data.
  3. For the version before V01.01.10, please use full_010114.img for upgrade. It will reset all the configuration data. And then use full_020008.img for upgrade.


  • As a user I want to assign functions to preprogrammed function keys                           
  • As a NetDirectory user I don't want to enter on my own complete search criteria               
  • Support of Client and Server certificates                                                     
  • SIP diversion header - as a user I want to get information if a call is diverted from somewhere
  • As a User I want to store all settings and data in one file for backup needs
  • Configurable period for checking the Profile              
  • DExxx - XML-Based Central Phone Book
  • Accept incoming SIP requests only from previously addressed SIP servers   
  • Phone doesn't need to perform auto-lookup for incoming anonymous call.
  • XML-based NetDirectory: private pages to be supported                                                       
  • Dialing Plan optimization behind Gigaset and Gigaset T300/T500 PBX
  • Support of different SIP privacy mechanisms (RFC3323)                                         
  • LDAP implementation optimization
  • optimized provisioning server URL processing                                                            
  • Autoprovisioning: increased number of possible parameter                                                      
  • Optimized Firmware update/downgrade                                                             
  • Include Activation-Code provisioning for provider                                             
  • Hidden page in WebUI for T300/T500                                                                                                                    
  • Implement SIP USER ID in XML HTTP GET request                                                                                         
  • Interop Timico MWI                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


  • [Broadsoft] Clic-to-Dial; Second call doesn't work   
  • Phone answer the incoming call directly, when another call is on hold       
  • If user presses the corresponding flashing Line key, the incoming call should be answered  
  • No firmware update or downgrade possible if BLF key configured
  • Phone reboot after pressing Dial SK via call list
  • If only a number is defined, the default number is copied to the surname field                     
  • After using outgoing calls list timeout, phone return to idle during one call is on hold state
  • 22_beep.mp3 belongs to factory default ringtones 
  • After restore the config file, phone should check whether user uploaded ringtones still exist or not
  • After connecting extension module to DUT, DUT works slowly
  • After pressing "Play" in Voice Mail, phone could not work normally anymore except reboot it
  • User can't answer the call doing copy to directory via call list  
  • Some data missing during use of GQS
  • Wrong log parsing on the web interface (related to openvpn) 
  • Unexpected reboot in redial list   
  • Wrong criteria in the online directory search request      
  • [DECT Handset] There is no speech path if you start call using Headset button and other party will answer
  • Key tones are turned on automatically after turning on WLAN
  • It is not possible to dial out, by pressing hands free button or pickup receiver, from Outgoing Calls list       
  • Phone does not inform about incoming call during the radio is playing
  • [provisioning] wrong HTTP digest authentication when plain XML is used
  • Reset while using scroll wheel in online directory
  • Phone numbers in Call list are scrolling in a loop
  • Only Gigaset T300/T500 voice mailbox is available
  • Sporadic reboot
  • After uploading caller pictures DUT works slowly
  • VM MWI problem | ihub ITSP 

Known Issues

  • Inconsistent VPN files' name processing





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