The keypad lock prevents any accidental use of the telephone. if the device is locked with a PIN, you need this to unlock,

Switch on: Key "# aA" Press and hold

Switch off: Press and hold Key "# aA" ... use to enter the handset PIN (Default 1234)

If a call is indicated on the handset, the keypad automatically unlocks and you can accept the call.

Changing the PIN

The device is protected against unauthorised use by a PIN is enabled. Change the device PIN by opening the web-interface.

Click on the Icon in the right upper screen and select Change Phone PIN.

From software 3.16 you have the new option dial emergency numbers.

This allows you to define emergency numbers that can be dialed when the keypad is locked.

A new menu is available: SETTINGS - Telephony - Phone Lock

Emergency numbers

This option available in the 3.16 offers you the possibility to dial emergency numbers when the phone is locked.

StatusMaxwell 4Maxwell 3

Device is locked.


softkeys are available

Press EMERGENCY CALL the device shows a

list with configured Emergency numbers.

Select the number to dial.

Press UNLOCK PHONE to unlock the
phone using the PIN code.


0 = Show emergency contacts in local phone-book

1 = Hide emergency contacts in local phone-book

Provisioning example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<provisioning version="1.1" productID="mx3b">


<param name="PhoneUI.Directory.Local.HideEmergencyContacts" value="0"/>



<step type="EmergencyPhoneBook" url="/emergency.xml" />



Via the <custom></custom> option, the URL to the file containing the emergency numbers set

emergency.xml file example

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<list version="1.0">

<entry name="112" manuallyCreated="false" emergency="112"/>
<entry name="Missing children" manuallyCreated="false" emergency="116000"/>


  • Up to 10 emergency numbers can be provisioned
  • Option "manuallyCreated" is for future development

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