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Release Date:

November 2015



What is new?

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  • Headset volume does not stay on adjusted setting
  • DNS SRV Lookup Bug
  • Phone doesn't hang up with standard BYE SIP message
  • After provisioning, LDAP doesn't work
  • Wrong cgi script uses during search contact
  • Toggling via consultation key not possible
  • Uploaded Menu.xml causes reboot
  • Instability during incoming call
  • After 15-minutes call connection was broken / additionally reboot appears
  • Device frozen after incoming call
  • Door inter-phone when call waiting is on
  • “USB Memory is full” despite 5GB is available

  • Incoming call is not signalized when popup “USB Memory is full” is on display

  • Reboot after change Internet radio station
  • "System recovery" problem
  • XML Dir: Scrolling through search results is not possible
  • Device freezes
  • [DND]Incoming call blocks some keys on HW


Known Issues

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