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The SUOTA functionality provides the possibility to upgrade DECT handsets software Over-The-Air.

To use this feature, you need to use the selected base-station and special handsets, additional memory is needed to support this feature.

This feature is supported by:

  • N510IP PRO:
    • Software 238 or higher


  • When a repeater is registered to the N510, SUOTA is disabled. Even when the repeater is powered down, SUOTA is still disabled and the handset update will not work. A solution could be to deregister all registered repeaters or bring a spare N510 to update the handset(s) via this device. 
  • Encryption should be enabled

  • Handsets:
    • R650H PRO
    • S650H PRO (BL60 or higher)
    • SL750H PRO (BL61 or higher)
      If your SL750 handset has software 60, please use quick sync via USB cable to upgrade to newer version. 

N510 setting

Open the web-interface of the N510 and go to: Settings - Management - Firmware update

Firmware Update Handset should be enabled.

Show / start Firmware update.

Handset has to be fully charged.

Open the Menu of the handset go to: Settings - System - Handset Update

Downloading the software will take 15-20 minutes.


 A handset will get the menu items during registration, if the handset was already registered to the N510 with software < 236 then the Handset Update menu item will not be visible. To solve this, de-register the handset and register it again.

Current Version

Shows you the current version of the Handset software.


The device will check online if a new handset firmware is available.


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