Ziggo zakelijk

Valid for T440/T640 Firmware version 2.0.6 or higher

Outgoing CallsYes
Incoming CallsYes
CLIP incomingYes
CLIP outgoingYes
Call ForwardingYes
Call TransferYes
Call WaitingYes
Anonymous CallNo*
A-number forwardingYes







* Outgoing Anonymous calls do not work at the moment, we are working on it, as the pilot number is shown as CLIP on the receiving device.


Gigaset T440/T640 settings.

Gateway group:

In the Gigaset PBX go to "Administration" -> "Routes" -> "Gateway groups" - Enter the desired name and click on "Create new group":

SIP Gateway:

In the Gigaset PBX go to "Administration" -> "Routes" -> "SIP Gateways" - At "Gateway" enter the desired name and click on "Create new gateway":

Fill out the provider details:


With the "Dial command" in above screenshot there is no need to dial an extra 0 for an outside line
If it is wanted to select an outgoing line with an extra 0 the "Dial command" is as following: PJSIP/{prefix}{number:1}@[gateway}


Enter the advanced parameter "inband_progress=yes" in the Value field and press on the "+", the setting will be active after a reboot of the system or reload of Asterisk.







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