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IPUI = International Portable User Identity

Every Gigaset DECT handset has his own unique IPUI number. Using this IPUI number, we can assign a SIP account to an DECT handset.

You can find the DECT handset IPUI number by:

  • Open phone menu (right key), press *#06#. The IPUI number is listed on the first line.
  • On the Packaging of the Handset.

During DECT handset registration, the IPUI number is send to the DECT base to identify the handset.

From N720 software 108 or higher, the IPUI number can be send via auto provisioning in case of new handset assignment or handset replacement is needed, the advantage is:

  • Handset can be send direct to customer without need to travel yourself to the customer.
  • Handset will be registered without any interaction needed.
  • DECT registration via Web-interface does not need to be started.

DECT Handset - SIP Account relationship.

When you start with IPUI, it is important to know that there is a static relationship between the used DECT handset and the SIP account.

N720 DatabaseSIP AccountDECT HandsetSIP AccountWeb-Interface

If you delete / disable the SIP account, then the other accounts will keep the same position in the database.

See the example below, the 2e SIP account is disabled via provisioning / removed via the web-interface and the other accounts will keep the same position in the database. If you add a new Mobile device via the web-interface, it will automatic use the first available position in the database, so in this example it will be Database entry 1 equals SIP account 2.

N720 DatabaseSIP AccountDECT HandsetSIP AccountWeb-Interface



<!--VoIP 1 - DECT Handset 1 -->
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[0].ucB_SIP_ACCOUNT_IS_ACTIVE_1" class="symb_item" value="1"/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[0].aucS_SIP_LOGIN_ID[0]" class="symb_item" value='"1013"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[0].aucS_SIP_PASSWORD[0]" class="symb_item" value='"Password"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[0].aucS_SIP_USER_ID[0]" class="symb_item" value='"1013"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[0].aucS_SIP_DISPLAYNAME[0]" class="symb_item" value='"N720_1013"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[0].ucVoipProviderIndex" class="symb_item" value="0"/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[0].aucS_VOIP_NET_AM_NUMBER_1" class="symb_item" value='"*2"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[0].ucB_VOIP_NET_AM_ENABLED_1" class="symb_item" value="1"/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[0].aucS_SIP_ACCOUNT_NAME_1[0]" class="symb_item" value='"1013"'/>

<!--VoIP 2 - DECT Handset 2 -->
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[1].ucB_SIP_ACCOUNT_IS_ACTIVE_1" class="symb_item" value="1"/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[1].aucS_SIP_LOGIN_ID[0]" class="symb_item" value='"1014"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[1].aucS_SIP_PASSWORD[0]" class="symb_item" value='"Password"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[1].aucS_SIP_USER_ID[0]" class="symb_item" value='"1014"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[1].aucS_SIP_DISPLAYNAME[0]" class="symb_item" value='"N720_1014"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[1].ucVoipProviderIndex" class="symb_item" value="0"/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[1].aucS_VOIP_NET_AM_NUMBER_1" class="symb_item" value='"*2"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[1].ucB_VOIP_NET_AM_ENABLED_1" class="symb_item" value="1"/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[1].aucS_SIP_ACCOUNT_NAME_1[0]" class="symb_item" value='"1014"'/>

<!--VoIP 3 - DECT Handset 3 -->
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[2].ucB_SIP_ACCOUNT_IS_ACTIVE_1" class="symb_item" value="1"/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[2].aucS_SIP_LOGIN_ID[0]" class="symb_item" value='"1022"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[2].aucS_SIP_PASSWORD[0]" class="symb_item" value='"Password"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[2].aucS_SIP_USER_ID[0]" class="symb_item" value='"1022"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[2].aucS_SIP_DISPLAYNAME[0]" class="symb_item" value='"N720_1022"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[2].ucVoipProviderIndex" class="symb_item" value="0"/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[2].aucS_VOIP_NET_AM_NUMBER_1" class="symb_item" value='"*2"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[2].ucB_VOIP_NET_AM_ENABLED_1" class="symb_item" value="1"/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipAccounts[2].aucS_SIP_ACCOUNT_NAME_1[0]" class="symb_item" value='"1022"'/>

Provisioning Parameters


Parameters defining when it is possible to register devices based on IPUI: * aucIPUIRegistrationTimestamp - beginning of registration window in form of unix time (you can quickly generate needed value, using for example this website: * aucIPUIRegistrationDuration - open window duration in seconds with default value of '0' (permanently open) Even if window should be already opened while downloading new provisioning configuration, this action is delayed by 30 seconds (potential deregistrations of conflicting HSs is started after 15 seconds).
Manual registration is possible when IPUI based registration is turned off. NOTE: Window for registration will be closed earlier, if all pre-provisioned HSs are already registered. IPUI based registration will not be started, if there are no HSs to register.



x = 0 - 99

Minimal configuration of two sample entries (IPUIs: 00 AB C5 08 71, 00 AB B8 4A 08). Without setting ucB_SIP_ACCOUNT_IS_ACTIVE_1 to '1', they will not be visible in WEB UI in the mobile devices list. You can deregister mobile devices using the same mechanism as for manual registraton in WEB UI.
In case you prepare new configuration that is conflicting with the current one, HSs that conflict with reservations will be automatically deregistered. NOTE: By default all aucHandsetCode entries are set to "0xFF,0xFF,0xFF,0xFF,0xFF" which means that there is no reservation.
BS_CUSTOM.bit.UseRandomRegistrationPINUser defined PIN - this field has already existed. Its current value can be checked in WEB UI in the mobile devices list. Default user defined PIN value is "0000". When the PIN "0000" is used, then the user will not to enter a PIN code during registration. User defined PIN value has to be input when prompted on HS during registration. Below its default value "0000" is changed to "0001". NOTE: Only digits ('0'-'9') can be input on HS.



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