Below is a list with port-numbers that the N720 is using, the list is based on the Software 108.


DECT ManagerDECT BaseProtocolDirectionPort Number - DefaultOptionalDescription
YesYesDHCPOut67, 68  
YesOnly for Firmware updateHTTPIn/Out (DM) - Out (Base)80 Web-Interface / provisioning / XML phonebooks / Firmware update
YesNoHTTPSOut443 Provisioning / XML phonebooks
YesNoHTTP ProxyOut8080Can be changed 
YesNoSIPIn/Out5060Can be changed 
YesNoSIP Listen PortsIn5060Random 5060-6000 
YesNoProxyOut5060Can be changed 
YesNoLDAPOut389Can be changed 
YesNoSTUNOut3478Can be changed 
NoYesRTPIn/Out5004Random 5004-6922 
YesNoNTPOutUDP 123 / TCP 37  
YesNoSyslogOutTCP 514Can be changed 
YesNoE-mailOut110Can be changed 
YesYesDECT discoveryIn/OutUDP 4711 / 4712 See wiki article
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