Sirrix is a provider of ISDN solutions, which we install in our appliances. We also supply Sirrix drivers for their hardware with the Gigaset T300/T500.

Sirrix 4S0EC

Distinguish the hardware revision

To find out which cable to connect to an internal or external S0 bus, you must first check the used hardware revision. The specific revisions are clearly based on the serial number. The serial number of a card is on a sticker on the left side of the status LEDs. The serial numbers are always 8-digit numbers, although the first 2 digits indicate the revision:

  • 05 corresponds to the old revision

  • 06 corresponds to the new revision

The example in the figure represents the new revision.

Cable for connecting internal and external S0

Old revision (05)

  • For trunk lines use crossed ISDN cables.

  • For internal lines, use a normal patch cable or ISDN cable.

New revision (06)

  • For trunk lines use a normal patch cable or ISDN cable.

  • For internal lines, use crossed ISDN cables.

Pin outs for crossover cable.