Listen to Internet radio on your DE700/DE900IP PRO.

You can select a list of available radio stations using the Web interface of the DE700/DE900IP PRO, below is a list with additional radio stations that can be used.
(Only mp3 streams are supported) Internet Radio is deactivated by default, to activate, open the WEB interface of the device.

Go to: Settings – Services – IP info Services - Enable Internet Radio.


You can activate the Internet radio via the display menu on the device:

Go to: Additional Features - Internet Radio

The device automatically tries to connect to the last Internet radio station that was set.

If a connection is established, you can listen to the station's current programme.

Any information supplied by the station, such as the name of the station and the artist and title of the song currently being played, are shown in the display.

An error message is displayed if a connection could not be established. You can then select a different station.

The broadcast is ended if a call comes in or if you make a call.


Dutch Radio Stations 
Radio 1 128 mp3
Radio 2 128 mp3
3FM 128 mp3
Radio 538http://
Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

 For more free radio stations, please go here: and search for type "MP3".