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DiffServ introduces the concept of the DiffServ Code Point (DSCP) that uses the first 6 bits of the TOS field thereby giving 26 = 64 different values. RFC 2474 describes the Differentiated Services (DS) field and the DiffServ Code Point (DSCP).


Default values Gigaset DECT IP devices (N720 / N510 / N300 / C610 IP)  :

SIP :   136 decimal (8bit - TOS)  --> 34 decimal (6bit - DSCP)  --> AF41 (DSCP)

RTP: 184 decimal (8bit - TOS)  --> 46 decimal (6bit - DSCP)  --> EF     (DSCP)


Default values Gigaset T300 / 500:




tos_audio: ef

tos_video: af 41

The following table illustrates the DSCP values:
The values in decimal are given in the following table: