HDSP™ - Exceptionally innovative sound

HDSP™ - Exceptionally innovative sound High Definition Sound PerformanceOur dedicated research into sound technology has truly paid off. By optimising audio capabilities via HDSP™¹, we’ve genuinely enhanced sound. Crackling lines, missing words, echoes, and distorted, faraway voices have vanished. What remains is pure Next Generation sound. Phone in twice the sound quality of a normal call with exceptional HDSP™. Just make a broadband internet call to another HDSP™ phone for High Definition Sound Performance™ – you‘ll be blown away by the exceptional sound quality. So savour the feeling of face-to-face chats on a Gigaset HDSP™ capable phone. And let HDSP™ make the world sound a touch closer to home.

What's HDSP™?

HDSP™ stands for High Definition Sound Performance™. It's a new Gigaset innovation that lets you phone over the internet in wideband audio quality – and enjoy conversations in twice the sound quality of a normal phone call.

What are the benefits of HDSP™?

Thanks to a frequency band twice that of standard phones, Gigaset's High Definition Sound Performance™ phones let you experience internet (VoIP) conversations in unparallelled sound quality. This extended frequency range means HDSP™ calls can transmit more audio details than ever before, eliminating much of the static and interference common to normal phone calls. As a result, you can hear every inflection in the voice of the person you're talking to – and experience calls that sound more like face-to-face conversations.

How does HDSP™ work?

High Definition Sound Performance™ provides wideband audio quality by using a frequency range double that of conventional phones (audio Codec G.722). Standard phones use a frequency band of 4 kHz, while HDSP™ capable Gigaset cordless phones take advantage of 8 kHz. The extended frequency range means that when you call a friend or relative who also has an HDSP™ phone via your broadband internet connection you'll be able to hear them twice as clearly.

What IP standards does HDSP™ use?

HDSP™ uses a new wireless technology called CAT-iq, which stands for Cordless Advanced Technology – internet quality. CAT-iq builds upon existing Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, uniting telephony and the internet in a way that enables a vast array of new functions for end-user devices. CAT-iq offers all the usual benefits of DECT technology and compatibility among IP products. 

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