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Import user accounts on T300 / T500 PRO

The import function enables you to create a large number of user accounts quickly.

For this to work, the user data must be saved in a CSV file and imported in the PBX. Here you can download an excel sheet that you can send to a customer that they can fill in and with one press of the inserted button a CSV file is generated. This file can be used to import the user data.

Please observe the following when editing and saving the template with an editor:

  • The individual values must be separated by commas and not by semi-colons!
  • Text values are enclosed by double quotes " ".
  • The file should be saved in UTF-8 format.


  • The files are optimized for Version,, and Due to additional parameter fields, please use the according sheets.
  • The files are NOT working with the!!!
  • Currently the xls-file is only compatible with MS Excel (32Bit). Other tools like LibreOffice do not support the macros. This might change with a future update of these tools.

User import file -

User import file -

User import file -