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This page is used to integrate the DECT multicell system into your company‘s local network.

Device name
Device name in the networkIs used to identify the device in network communication.
Address Assignment
Network typeSelect the IP protocol used in your local network: Currently only IPv4 is supported.
IP address type

Select Dynamic, if your device receives the IP address via a DHCP server.
Select Static, if your want to assign a fixed IP address to the device.

IP addressThis IP address allows your device to be reached by other subscribers in your local network.
Subnet maskEnter the subnet mask that is used by your network.
Standard gatewayThe Standard gateway is generally the router/gateway of the local network. Your Integrator/DECT manager device requires this information to be able to access the Internet.
Preferred DNSDNS (Domain Name System) allows you to assign public IP addresses to symbolic names. The DNS server is required to convert the DNS name into the IP address when a connection is being established to a server.
Alternate DNSThe IP address for the alternate DNS server that should be used in situations where the preferred DNS server cannot be reached.
VLAN taggingSelect the check box next to VLAN tagging, if you want the phone system to use VLAN tagging.
VLAN identifierThe VLAN identifier that uniquely identifies the subnetwork. Value range: 0–4094.
VLAN priority

The VLAN priority allows voice data transport to take priority, for example. From the option menu select the priority for the phone system data.

Value range: 0–7 (0 = lowest, 7 = highest priority)

Ensure that the details in VLAN identifier or VLAN priority are set correctly. Incorrect settings can cause problems when connecting the DECT manger for configuration purposes. Internal connections between DECT manager and base stations are not tagged and therefore phone functions are not affected.

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