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Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator


On this page we would like to explain what is an:

  • DECT Integrator
  • DECT Manager
  • DECT Base


DECT integrator

Central management and configuration unit of the DECT multi-cell system.
The DECT integrator.

  • Contains the central database for the DECT subscribers and base stations
  • Provides a web interface for configuring the entire cordless system
  • Enables access for configuration of all DECT managers and their base stations

In small and medium installations the integrator and DECT manager are located on the same device. For larger installations, the integrator is provided as embedded or virtual machine.

DECT manager

Management unit for a group of base stations. At least one DECT manager must be used in every installation. Up to 100 DECT managers can be used in large installations.

The DECT manager

  • Manages the synchronisation of the base stations within the clusters
  • Acts as an application gateway between SIP and DECT signaling
  • Controls the media path from PBX to relevant base stations

DECT base stations

  • Forms the wireless cells of the DECT phone network
  • Provide media processing from handset directly to the phone platform
  • Make available connection channels for the DECT handsets
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