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It is best to define the positions of the base stations in a building plan taking into account the required capacity and the determined influences.

As far as possible, you can take note of visual concerns as well as possibilities of technical connectivity.

Give the locations for the DECT bases unique labels. In this example we use the letters A to H. Furthermore, you define measurement points in areas that are to be supplied, but probably have the lowest field strength, or where external influences can lead to reception problems. Give these measuring points clear designations.


In the example below we have the following assumptions as measurement is not done at this point.

  • Base A - E conver the Office area and can handle up to 50 parallel calls.
  • The hotspot Meeting room / Canteen is covert with multiple bases to assure 30 simultaneous calls.
  • The Production hall is convert with 2 base stations.
  • The outside area is covert with Base C / A / B and H

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