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Phone book hex. valuesPhone book type
0x5XSI Enterprise
0x6XSI Enterprise common
0x7XSI Group
0x8XSI Group common
0x9XSI Personal
0x14White pages (XML public)
0x15Personal (XML private)
0x28White pages
0x29Yellow pages

Provisioning parametersDescription
Access to online phonebook during call transfer
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_LM_AppCfg.bit.bHasExpandedCallDir" class="symb_item" value="0x1"/>

0x0 = No access to phonebooks during call
0x1 = Access phonebooks during call

  • Active call
  • Left Soft Key (Ext. Call) to put call on hold.
  • Press the Phonebook key (Center key down)

When disabled (0x0) you see:

  • Internal phonebook handset is opened.

When enabled (0x1) you see:

  • Directory (Internal phonebook handset)
  • Online Directory (List with available online directory)

Phonebook key, access to online phone books (LDAP/XML/XSI) or local handset phone book.

<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_LM_AppCfg.bit.bHasHighPrioNetDirAccess" class="symb_item" value="0x1"/>

When this value is changed a reboot of the handset or base station is needed to activate the change!!!

0x0 = Assign local phonebook to phonebook key.
0x1 = Assign Online phonebook to phonebook key.

When you access the phonebooks during the call then.

When disabled (0x0) you see:

  • Directory (Higher prio)
  • Online Directory

When enabled (0x1) you see:

  • Online Directory (Higher prio)
  • Directory
Which online phonebooks are enabled.
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_XML_Netdirs.aucActivatedNetdirs[0]" class="symb_item" value="0xa,0x5,0x6,0x7,0x8,0x9"/>

List with phonebooks that are enabled, comma separated.

See above table for the values.

Long press on phonebook key to open list.

  • Phonebook A
  • Phonebook B
  • Phonebook C

Depends on what you have activated and priority is based on hex numbering.

When using the left parameter you will see.

  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise Common
  • Group
  • Group Common
  • Personal
  • LDAP
Define in which directories lookup should be done and in which order.

For this you need 2 parameters:

<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_XML_Netdirs.aucNetdirSelForAutoLookup[0]" class="symb_item" value="0x5,0x6,0x7,0x8,0x9,0xa"/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_XML_Netdirs.stAutolookup.aucProviderOrder[0]" class="symb_item" value="0x5,0x6,0x7,0x8,0x9,0xa"/>

List with phonebooks, comma separated. Maximum of 6 phonebooks.

In this example it will search.

  1. Enterprise
  2. Enterprise Common
  3. Group
  4. Group Common
  5. Personal
  6. LDAP
Lookup buffering type
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_XML_Netdirs.bNoLookupBuffering" class="symb_item" value="0x0"/>
All phone books that are enabled for lookup are queried and buffered until buffer is full, then entry will be overwritten en new query is send if entry is not present anymore.
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_XML_Netdirs.bNoLookupBuffering" class="symb_item" value="0x1"/>

When enabled, you can define the buffering type per phonebook.

<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_XML_Netdirs.stAutolookup.aucCacheSet[0]" class="symb_item" value="0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0"/>

Every index of this parameter is assigned to a phonebook.

Value= "<Not used>,<>,<XSI_Enterprise>,<XSI_Enterprise_Common>,<XSI_Group>,<XSI_Group_Common>,<XSI_Personal>,<LDAP>,<XML_Public>,<XML_Private>,<White_Pages>,<Yellow_Pages>,<Private_Pages>"


<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_XML_Netdirs.stAutolookup.aucCacheSet[0]" class="symb_item" value="0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0"/>

  • This means that for all phonebooks the entries are buffered.

<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_XML_Netdirs.stAutolookup.aucCacheSet[0]" class="symb_item" value="0x0,0x0,0x1,0x2,0x1,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0"/>

  • XSI Enterprise phonebook is always queried for incoming call.
  • XSI Enterprise common phonebook is buffered for 15 minutes and then new query is send.
  • XSI Group phonebook is always queried for incoming call.
0x0Buffer entries
0x1ask every lookup
0x2refresh after 15 minutes
0x3refresh after 1 hours
0x4refresh after 6 hours
0x5refresh after 12 hours
0x6refresh after 18 hours
0x7refresh after 1 day
0x8refresh after 2 days
0x9refresh after 3 days
0xarefresh after 5 days
0xbrefresh after 1 week
Cache size

The cache size is standard 100 entries.

<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_XML_Netdirs.stAutolookup.uiCacheSize" class="symb_item" value="0x64"/>

<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_XML_Netdirs.aucNetdirSelForDirectAccess[0]" class="symb_item" value="0xa,0xa,0xa,0xa,0xa,0xa"/>N.A.
Assign INT key to phonebook

This is only valid for N720.

With the example below you assign the INT key for all handsets [%] to the LDAP phonebook.

<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_XML_Netdirs.aucNetdirSelForIntKey[%]" class="symb_item" value="0xa"/>

N510 always uses the INT key for calling other handsets, it is not possible to assign the INT key to a phonebook.

N720 support this feature.

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