Release Date:

September 2019

Version: RELEASE


What is new?

  • Changed icon for Quick Dial function key
  • Display message if call is blocked due to Call Barring list
  • User Agent Header can be changed



  • Contacts not exported to file
  • 3CX:
    • Early attended transfer improved
    • CNIP not updated after call transfer
    • Retrieve from parking
  • No missed call when call waiting off
  • TeleS - Blind transfer behaviour improved
  • Broadsoft
    • Missed call list improved
    • Update feature synchronisation status after reboot.
  • Wrong QoS values when using TCP transport
  • MetaSwitch - Call ended after unsuccessful Blind transfer
  • Video Stream from door station not shown
  • No Pickup when target has format 11-123456 (ext + customer number)
  • XML Directory - entries received aren't displayed
  • Crash after receiving UPDATE before answering the call
  • Lack of dial tone when outgoing call is performed
  • Behaviour of WebUI response improved

Known Issues

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Standard version


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