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Release Date:

November 2019

Version: Official RELEASE


What is new?

  • Sennheiser USB headset support (Maxwell 3)
  • ...


  • Security update
    • Passwords are hashed (salted) inside the device
    • No transport in cleartext to the browser
    • Session handling now more secure (introduced PAM security)
    • Old password needs to be entered first, before it can be changed
  • Audio - call setup time improved
  • Phonebook import handling - improper entries will be ignored
  • Phonebook performance with 500+ contacts improved
  • Translation updates
  • Speechpath setup-time improved
  • Call list and -screen adjustments
  • ...


  • TeleS - No speechpath between two TeleS accounts - fixed
  • Vodia - Speechpath after call swap missing - fixed
  • Expansion Module - page key is constantly blinking - fixed
  • User specific UA header - Special separators removed
  • ...

Known Issues

  • Maxwell 2: No CNIP update during call setup
  • Broadsoft: BLF list not visible in WebUI


Standard version


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