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The N870/N670 has a central phone book for

  • 2000 entries or
  • 2MB file size

The phone book can be imported via the:

  1. Web-interface
  2. After time set via Provisioning
    1. Location
    2. RenewPeriod

Under development: Download phonebook after reboot and auto-provisioning

File format

The phonebook file has the following format, example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE LocalDirectory>
<entry home2="" surname="Lastname" mobile1="" mobile2="" office1="0049123456789" office2="" name="Firstname" home1=""/>
<entry home2="" surname="User" mobile1="0049987654321" mobile2="" office1="" office2="" name="First" home1=""/>

Download an example template. N870LocalPhonebook 1999 Contacts.xml


Go to: Settings - Online Directories - Central Phonebook.

You can select the phonebook (XML) file to upload.

Enter the URL and Daily Refresh Time via the Web-interface.


The central phonebook needs to be enabled + set before the phonebook file can be uploaded!


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<provisioning version="1.1" productID="e2">




<param name="Netdir.21.Activated" value="1"/>
<param name="CentralBook.0.Name" value="Central Phonebook"/>
<param name="CentralBook.0.ServerURL" value=""/>
<param name="CentralBook.0.DownloadTime" value="14:00"/>
<param name="CentralBook.0.StartWithList" value="1"/>

<!-- Assign phonebook to INT key for handset with IPUI 02b6ec8aa5 -->

<param name="hs.02b6ec8aa5.IntKeyDir" value="30"/>

<!-- automatic lookup -->

<param name="hs.02b6ec8aa5.AutoLookupDir" value="30"/>


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