• Is a slim and portable handset which is capable to work with any PC- / UC-client
  • Comes in an all new simplistic design and is reduced to the essential functions and features
  • Is a great alternative for small conferences


  • DECT dongle and handset
  • Range up to 300 m
  • USB-C charging connector in handset
  • Proximity sensor to switch automatically between handset and hands-free
  • Call accept/ drop key
  • Hands-free key
  • Excellent Hands-free speaker
  • Mute
  • Volume control
  • Up to 14 hours of talk time.


  • Works with any PC- / UC-client
  • Great alternative for small conferences
  • Operating systems: Windows / Linux / MAC
  • Maxwell 3 and 4 supported

ION (Hidden)

FAQ ION - Modus 1: Charging cradle with removable dongle and handset

FAQ ION - Modus 2: Dongle and handset only