UC ClientAudioAccept End CallMuteComment
STARFACE für WindowsOfficial supported by Starface in V
SwyxItOfficial supported by Swyx
Unify CircuitOfficial supported by Unify
Unify Office (Desktop App)Tested Desktopversion Windows (x64)), Browserversion not tested
Microsoft TeamsOutlook 365 settings
Innovaphone Desk PhonesThe ION is Integrated as USB Handset on Innovaphone Desk Phones.
Other UC Clients--Local

As ION is an USB speaker/microphone device for your PC, all UC Clients that use your PC speaker and microphone will be able to work with ION.

Higher integration using the ION keys can be obtained by integration of the USB HID commands.  If implementation support is needed, you can contact your Gigaset sales/support.


"•" means that the Mute status is synchronized with the UC client. You can use the Mute on the ION and/or on the UC client.

"local" means that the microphone of the ION is muted but you will not see this on the UC client.

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