When using plain XML Auto provisioning, the config file will contain the parameters:

<MAC_ADDRESS value="7C2F802C5BFF"/>
<VERSION value="2811121640"/>
<PROFILE_NAME class="string" value="Test"/>


MAC_ADDRESSValid MAC address of the deviceIf MAC address is not the MAC address of the device then config file is not used.
VERSIONDDMMYYHHMM example: 2811120928If date/time stamp is not newer, then config file is not used.
PROFILE_NAMEThe Name of the profile 


Some provisioning systems are not able to generate the MAC_ADDRESS or the VERSION parameters and therefore we changed the behaviour.


From release 84 the MAC_ADDRESS and VERSION parameters are optional. When available they are used, but can also be removed.


Feature is not available for binary provisioning within chagall_profile_gen (gigaset_profile_gen) tool.


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