Auto configuration (Auto provisioning)

Auto-configuration is the automatic configuration of devices without manual intervention, without any need for software configuration programs or jumpers.

Ideally, auto-configuring devices should just "plug and play".

Configurations are negotiated at system initialization time.

This feature is also known as "Zero-touch-provisioning".


See here for more info about the Gigaset Auto provisioning functionality.

High level communication flow

  • Read MAC address and ID from device.
    • Packaging
    • Web-interface
  • Login to the Gigaset redirect server to add info about:
    • Device (Mac+ID)
    • Own server URL
  • Add configuration file (XML) to own server
  • Device comes online
    • Connects to Gigaset server
    • Gigaset asks for Username and Password
    • Connects to Gigaset server with integrated username and Password (Programmed in factory)
    • Device connects to Own server
    • Device downloads xml file if no HTTP digest is used or
    • If server requests HTTP digest username and Password
    • Then device connects again using manual configured HTTP digest username and Password.
    • Device downloads xml file if no HTTP digest is used.


Security:  HTTP digest

HTTP Digest access authentication is one of the agreed-upon methods a device can use to negotiate credentials with a HTTP server to increase the security. This extra security can also be used during the HTTP Auto provisioning process.

Configuration file

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