Download Firmware file direct from http server without Gigaset file structure.

The S_SPECIAL_DATA_SRV parameter enables providers e.g. to upgrade or downgrade^ devices to a specific firmware. The Firmware is available on an HTTP server and the URL is a direct link to that file. The Gigaset provisioning file structure is not needed when using this feature.

This feature is available in:

  • DE900/700 Software 02.00.08
  • DE410/310 Software 02.00.05
  • N510 Software 199 (^Downgrade NOT supported)

The device will check after:

  • Reboot
  • Pressing "update firmware" button in web-interface
  • After check-sync SIP notify message.
  • After timer expires.

Desktop devices auto provisioning parameters.

XML syntax:

<S_SPECIAL_DATA_SRV class="string" value=""/>

Tag NameValueMeaning
S_SPECIAL_DATA_SRVURLThe URL which refers to the software image

The software image can be downloaded via a HTTP server only.

For upgrading and downgrading there are some restrictions.

  • It must be complete/proper URL such as http://domain/path/020008.img
  • The file name must be XXXXXX.img, e.g. 020008.img, for 02.00.08.
  • For downgrade the full version must be used.
  • For upgrade, the Full or the Delta version can be used. Please check the release notes when using the Delta version.

N510 auto provisioning parameters.

XML syntax:

<S_SPECIAL_DATA_SRV class="string" value='"http://<Provider URl>/firmware/merkur200_42.bin"'/>

Tag NameValueMeaning
S_SPECIAL_DATA_SRVURLThe URL which refers to the software image

If the S_SPECIAL_DATA_SRV parameter is empty then everything works as usual.

If the S_SPECIAL_DATA_SRV parameter is not empty then device will try to perform firmware update without any user interaction. Instead of downloading master.bin and baselines.bin device will perform firmware update using S_SPECIAL_DATA_SRV URL when following condition is met:

  • Filename must match this format: merkurXXX_42.bin, where XXX is firmware version of given binary file and XXX must be greater than current firmware version on device.

Firmware update using S_SPECIAL_DATA_SRV will be performed in the following situations:

  • After reboot
    Remark: Firmware file will be downloaded if number of attempts of downloading this particular URL is less than a fixed value (currently 1). Number of attempts is only checked in firmware update after reboot. Max allowed number of attempts cannot be changed via provisioning, it is hardcoded in the source code. This condition is defined and implemented to avoid firmware update => reboot => firmware update loop if firmware file is corrupted. Number of attempts is set back to 0 when S_SPECIAL_DATA_SRV is changed. Number of attempts is incremented each time device tries to download firmware after reboot.
  • After timer
    Remark: Timer (in minutes) is defined in BS_IP_Data1.uiI_CHECK_FOR_UPDATES_TIMER_INIT.
  • After check-sync
    Remark: Device will try to do firmware update after downloading config file.
  • Manually from WebUI or from registered HS
    Remark: S_SPECIAL_DATA_SRV has higher priority so if it is not empty then S_DATA_SERVER and S_USER_FIRMWARE_URL will be ignored.


In the web-interface this parameter can be found: Settings - Management - Firmware update: User defined firmware file

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