The Xtended Service Interface (hereafter referred to as the Xsi interface) allows remote applications to integrate with BroadWorks to perform telephony-related actions and to be notified about telephony events against subscribers hosted in a BroadWorks-powered network.

The BroadWorks Xsi interface allows applications to control a subscriber’s telephony experience by supporting various kinds of call control requests and notifications. The interface defines a rich set of requests for call control, as well as services, and publishes or generates events that are used to inform applications about both call and service-related activity that occurs for subscribers.

Xsi-Actions are a set of RESTful APIs that allow access to resources on BroadWorks. Each action is initiated by a client on a resource and a response is returned from a server. The action can be a modification or retrieval of data. Xsi-Actions expose a broad spectrum of functionality to support a variety of web applications. The areas exposed are:

  • Call Management – Exposes real-time call control primitives, such as, Click To Dial, Answer, Hold, Transfer, and so on.
  • Call Status – Exposes the real-time abilities to retrieve the list of active calls and determine the call state of those calls.
  • Call Lists – Exposes the commonly accessed lists, such as placed, received, and missed call logs, as well as enterprise, group, and personal directories.
  • Service Management – Exposes the ability to retrieve and configure services managed by the BroadWorks Application Server.

Xsi-Actions allow applications to operate on BroadWorks resources (for example, services or calls) using only the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and eXtensible Markup Language (XML).

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