Here we describe 'how to' provisioning a Gigaset Maxwell device behind a 3CX PBX.

Maxwell provisioning behind 3CX local PBX

We have a running 3CX system with configured users and you have added the provisioning template as described here: FAQ 3CX - Auto-provisioning templates

  • Start with factory reset of the Maxwell device
  • Maxwell will boot, and after boot sends a SIP Multicast

In the 3CX web-interface you can see under Phones the Maxwell device: -

  • Select the Maxwell device
  • Click on Assign Ext

Select the extension.

  • Press OK
  • Phone Provisioning page is opened
  • Change the settings
  • Press OK
  • The Maxwell is configured via auto-provisioning

Maxwell provisioning behind 3CX cloud PBX

We have a running 3CX cloud system with configured users.

  • Start with factory reset Maxwell device
  • In the 3CX web-interface go to: Phones - Add Phone
  • Assign the Phone to extension
  • Select the extension
  • Press OK
  • Add phone page is opened
  • Select the Gigaset device and enter the MAC Address

  • Press OK
  • Change the settings
  • Select if you are using SBC or STUN
  • Copy the Provisioning Link
  • Press OK
  • Open the web-interface of the Maxwell
  • Go to: SETTINGS - System - Provisioning and Configuration
  • Copy the provisioning URL into the field Provisioning Server

  • Click on Start Auto Configuration
  • The Maxwell is configured via auto-provisioning

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