With shared parking the call flow is much more controlled. There are 50 rooms and they are called SP[0-50].

These rooms can be provisioned onto a SIP device (3CX client and IP phone) which will give visual feedback about the state of the room (free or busy) on the respective BLF key. By simply pressing on the matching BLF key a call can be placed into a room and all extensions monitoring the same room on their SIP device will see that there is a call up for grabs.

There is also a limit of 1 person per room. Shared parking is a sort of replication of “shared line appearance” which you may be familiar with. Additionally, if you use the park function from the 3CX client or Web Client those calls will be placed into shared parking orbits in an ascending free order.

Shared Parking is supported on the Maxwell devices.

How to configure

In the 3CX web-interface go to: Extensions - BLF

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