Here you can find the description how to use the BLF keys in a Broadsoft environment. (For security reasons we removed the URL's in the example below)

Broadsoft configuration

In Broadsoft management system go to: Users - Select the user - Client Applications - Busy Lamp Field

  • Define the URI for the BLF list, must be an unique name.
  • Add the Users you would like to have under the BLF keys to the Monitored Users list
  • Press OK to save the settings





Gigaset Desktop device configuration

In the web-interface of the Maxwell 10 go to: Settings - Network and Connections - Phone systems

Connected with phone systems: Broadsoft




When selected, also the BLF field will be visible.

BLF list user = Broadsoft List URI (First Picture on this page)


Gigaset BLF keys

Now you have to add the BLF keys manual to the device, go to:

Settings - Function Keys and add the BLF key.

For the Phone number you need to enter the same naming as in the broadsoft Monitored Users list








Subscribe is only send when BLF key is configured. When no BLF key is present then device will not send subscribe.

BLF keys have to be configured manually.


Maxwell 10 auto provisioning parameters.

XML syntax:

<S_BLF_LIST value="blf_ext3608" class="string" />

<I_FUNCTION_KEY_TYPE_1 value="3" class="integer" />

<S_FUNCTION_KEY_NAME_1 value="3610" class="string" />

<S_FUNCTION_KEY_NUM_1 value="Gigaset3610" class="string" />

<S_DIRECTED_PICKUP_CODE_1 value="*97" class="string" />


Tag NameValueMeaning

Like configured in Broadsoft device management

Broadsoft blf list URI
I_FUNCTION_KEY_TYPE_(X)3 for BLF keyType of function key
S_FUNCTION_KEY_NAME_(X)Name of the keySeen in the web-interface
S_FUNCTION_KEY_NUM_(X)Like configured in Broadsoft device managementBLF phone number
S_DIRECTED_PICKUP_CODE_(X)Broadsoft Call Pickup codeThe Call Pickup code in case the key is configured as BLF key




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